Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find my tickets...
You do not need any paper confirmation for admission to the event. Your name will be included on a list at the door and you just need to give your name when you arrive at the venue. The festival does not issue paper tickets.
How do I get my prepaid book?
If you have purchased a prepaid book with an event ticket, to collect your book just turn up at the book collection point at the event venue and give your name, which will be on a list. The festival does not issue paper tickets or paper book collection tickets. Just give your name when you arrive.
How do I sign up as a Friend of the Festival?
Click on ‘Support the Festival’ from the homepage or via the menu icon at the top-left corner. Click the ‘Sign up’ button for either a Single or Joint membership.

Note that signing up sets up a recurring automatic payment (i.e. a subscription) every 12 months via PayPal. You can cancel these automatic payments any time by logging in at our website, choose 'Friends of the Festival' > 'My Details' > 'My Subscriptions'.
How do I log in if I am a Friend of the Festival?
Click on ‘Friends of the Festival’ via the menu icon at the top-left corner. Select ‘Log in’ – enter your email and password then ‘Log in’. You will then see the ‘My account' and ‘my events’ pages. Your account contains your details and password (which you can change); your upcoming events, purchase history, subscriptions and memberships – all in one place. No emails or links to worry about.
I have access requirements – do I need to let you know?
Please see our Venues page on the website for more details on wheelchair access, hearing loops and other access requirements. There is wheelchair access at all festival venues. If you would like to reserve a wheelchair space at any of our events please email the festival:
Will there be any Covid restrictions at the Festival?
There are currently no special measures in place and no requirements regarding social distancing or mask-wearing. We want everyone to feel comfortable at all events. If you would prefer to wear a mask, please feel free to do so but it is not compulsory.
Is the seating numbered or reserved?
Seating is unallocated at all festival venues.
Will there be a festival book shop?
There will be a festival book stall at all venues.
Will speakers be signing their books after each event?
Authors will be signing books after all events, unless otherwise specified on the event page.
Can I buy books by authors other than the ones featured in their events?
Depending on space and availability, the festival book stalls will be selling a selection of books from other speakers attending the festival.
How long do events last?
Unless otherwise specified events are 1 hour – with a 50 minute presentation and 10 minutes of audience Q&A. These timings are approximate.
Can I record video at events?
Unless you are invited to record video we ask that you do not use any form of recording equipment at our events. This is due to production copyright and failure to comply may result in your removal from events.
Where can I park?
Please see our Venues page on the website for details about parking in Faversham and parking areas closest to each of the festival venues.