Faversham literary Festival - Festival Policies


Faversham Literary Festival collects the minimal amount of personal data required for the following purposes

Tickets processing (name, address, postcode, phone (optional), email address, ticket-payment confirmation)

  • Allowing us to allocate customer tickets
  • Contact customers in the case of a cancellation or change to the schedule
  • Deal with payment problems and resolve customer enquiries, both before during and after the festival
  • Verify the identity of attendees for entry to our events

Our Friends of the Festival Scheme (name, address, postcode, phone (optional), email address)

  • Offering early access tickets to members via our website
  • Offering membership benefits, such as exclusive events for members

Competition entries (name, address, postcode, phone (optional), email address, competition entry text)

  • As required to manage the competition and contact the competition winners
  • Publishing a winner/runner-up story for an 18-month period - agreed when competition entry is submitted
  • We continue to publish winning and runner-up names in recognition of past winners

FLF Newsletter

  • Until you unsubscribe, your first name and email address is used to keep you up to date via email, as requested when you joined our newsletter email
    • by signing up directly for the newsletter from our website
    • by ticking the 'inform me about future events' option when buying tickets

Retention Period

Event Attendees

Ticket-holding customers consent to Faversham Literary Festival collecting this information for a limited time period in order to process tickets and customer entry to our events.

For ticket-holders, all personally identifying data is removed from our database after a 12-month period after the end of the festival for the purposes stated above.

Friends of the Festival Membership

In the case of Friends of the Festival membership we remove data of members who do not renew membership after no longer than a 12-month period following the most recent festival at the time your subscription ended.  Otherwise your membership details continue to be retained while your membership is ongoing.

Story Competitions Entries

Competition entrants' information: For non-winning entries your personal details are kept no longer than a 12-month period following announcement of the competition. For winning entries, your first name, surname and story title are published for 18 months. Past competition winners' name and story remain published after 18 months in recognition of past competition winners. Past winners/runners-up may request removal of details from our site within a 30-day period by contacting us via email.

FLF Newsletter

We retain your first name and email address as long as you remain subscribed to our newsletter.  All personal information is removed from our servers when you unsubscribe.


We take your data protection seriously

- Your details are collected and secured using the best available security standards

- Your information is only used for the intended purpose

- We do not share your details with third parties, other than our payment providers for the purpose of completing your payments

- We do not collect any sensitive credit/debit card information. Card details are collected by our payment-processing partners: STRIPE PAYMENTS UK LTD, PAYPAL LIMITED and SQUAREUP (UK) LTD

- We remove personally identifying information from our database following the retention period stated in this policy

- We are registered with the UK ICO to ensure compliance and data protection

Enquiries regarding this policy should be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.