Poetry Slam 2020

The unmissable Luke Wright is our headline poet for the Bookie Slam as it hits the road and returns to Faversham Literary Festival! Host: Connor Sansby.

Inventive and engaging wordsmith Luke Wright documents 21st-century British life with wit, humanity, and panache. A well-read scholar and master of poetic form, his poetry – full of anecdote, historical vignettes, social commentary and acute observations on life – will leave you breathless. Unmissable!

This is followed by 10 poets battling it out to be crowned the Bookie Champ and get their shot at the Kentish Poetry Championship Belt and £50/£25 Prize Money for the 1st and 2nd Place:

- Each poet has 3 minutes for their performance
- Time starts as soon as they're in position on the stage.
- For every ten seconds over, 1 point will be deducted from their total.
- 3 judges will be raffled from the audience at the start of the show.

Featuring Bookie Slam Champion Henry Madd

Friday 21 February, The Old Brewery Store, 7.30–11pm