Lionel Shriver

The author of international bestseller We Need to Talk About Kevin talks to writer and journalist Alex Preston about her impressive first short story collection, Property, which confronts the psychology of home ownership and the notion of ‘home’ in all its many guises. Intermingling settings in America and Britain, Lionel Shriver explores property as both real estate and ‘stuff’ – to illustrate how our possessions act as proxies for ourselves, and how tussles over ownership articulate the power dynamics of our relationships. In Lionel Shriver’s world, we may possess people and objects and places, but in turn they possess us.


Lionel Shriver’s novels include The Mandibles, The New Republic, So Much for That and The Post-Birthday World. Her journalism has appeared in The Guardian, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.

Sunday 24 February, Assembly Rooms, 7–8pm. £10 Tickets for this event will be available from 10am on Friday 21 December online and at Top Hat & Tales, West Street, Faversham