Melvyn Bragg

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED – There is an alternative event in its place you might like to attend: Marie-Elsa Bragg, Melvyn Bragg's daugher, will be talking about her recently published memoir Silent Letters

The suicide of Melyvn Bragg's first wife, when Marie-Elsa was just six years old, cast a long shadow that forged an unbreakable bond between father and daughter. Now, many years later, Marie-Elsa returns to that night. In a unique mix of prose and poetry, written partly as a series of unsent letters to both her mother and father, Sleeping Letters is a way of connecting to past family, an attempt to reconcile with loss, as well as a radical exploration of Marie-Elsa’s own faith. Marie-Elsa will be in conversation with Marnie Summerfield-Smith.