Gareth E. Rees

A work of non-fiction taking a darkly satirical look at commonplace urban landscapes that are little-explored and rarely featured in art and music, yet they shape the aesthetics of our towns and cities, and are hotspots for crime, rage and sexual deviancy. Gareth E. Rees explores how the UK’s retail chain-store car park has as much mystery, magic and terror as any mountain, meadow or wood. Host Gary Budden.

Gareth E. Rees is author of occult Hastings memoir 'The Stone Tide', acclaimed psychogeographic work 'Marshland', and an album of spoken word and chamber music, 'A Dream Life of Hackney Marshes'. He has written for titles including This Dreaming Isle, The Shadow Booth: Vol. 2, Unthology 10 and The Lonely Crowd. He is the founder of the website Unofficial Britain (, lead singer in garage punk band, The Dirty Contacts, and guitarist in psychedelic noise duo, Black Arches.

Saturday 22 February 2020, 12.30-1.30pm, Shepherd Neame Visitor Centre. £3

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* This venue does not have wheelchair access