Iain Sinclair

Psychogeographer Iain Sinclair embarks on a series of expeditions through London, Marseilles, Mexico and the Outer Hebrides to explore the relationships between our health and the buildings that surround us, while taking many detours along the way. Walking is Sinclair's defensive magic against illness and, as he moves, he observes his surroundings: stacked tower blocks and behemoth estates, halogen-lit glasshouse offices and humming hospitals, the blackened hull of a Spitalfields church and the floating mass of Le Corbusier's radiant city. Hosted by festival director Amanda Dackombe.

Sinclair's recent work represents some of the most important in contemporary English letters – Will Self, New Statesman

Sinclair breathes wondrous life into monstrous, man-made landscapes – Times Literary Supplement

Saturday 23 February, Alexander Centre, Main Hall, 2–3pm. £5