An atmospheric physicist and YouTube sensation with over 28 million views, Simon Clark’s first book (out on 25th Jan) looks brilliant and we would have loved to include it on the festival programme!

Firmament is an accessible introduction to and history of atmospheric science, aiming to bridge the gap between the reader’s knowledge of weather and of climate change, and explore the physical system that connects the two. We all love to talk about the weather, here’s a chance to take it just that little bit further…

From one of our most admired writers, Cyril & Sybil is the story of two artists who became famous for their dynamic, modernist linocuts, set amid a world of futurists, surrealists, pioneering abstraction and the looming shadows of war. It’s on the festival programme on Saturday 19 Feb!

And, what’s more, there’s an exhibition ‘Lino Print’ at The Horsebridge in Whitstable from 22 January to 13 February featuring regional, national and international lino printmakers, including Hugh Ribbans who lives and works in Faversham. Both not to be missed!

I looked at the cover of this debut fiction and thought it probably wasn’t the kind of book I’d enjoy, but then bought it anyway and started reading. It contains bad language and violence. Again, not what I usually enjoy in a book. It has fine writing and characterisation, the story hooked me in right from the start... and I kept reading. It's a triumph in its depiction of an element of our society we mostly try to ignore, or see only one side of... brutally real and brilliantly written. It’s on the festival programme: Saturday 19 Feb.

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