Griselda Mussett

Griselda Mussett

More than 30 years ago Griselda Mussett undertook research for a talk on the 'invisible women' of Faversham – what she found was that out of the thousands and thousands of women who have lived in this historic town, at that time only two women appeared in the published histories of Faversham. Not surprisingly those two were absolutely notorious, according to the male historians. One survived into wealthy old age; the other suffered the most savage penalty.

Griselda is now returning to this project with the intention of turning it into a book. She will be talking about her research and introducing some of the characters she's uncovered along the way... several queens, witches, benefactors, victims, holy women, travellers, foreigners, rich women and destitute women. All of them have left their mark in the records, and we will get to know some of them.

Having worked as a broadcaster and journalist at the BBC and Anglia TV, Griselda Mussett moved to Faversham 36 years ago and her book Ghost Stories from Faversham has been reprinted three times. She’s a member of the local writing group the Faversham Inklings, known to Faversham Literary Festival audiences, and she’s recently helped form a Bad Poetry group, which causes as much pain as mirth.

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