Ed Gillett, Harry Harrison and Seana Gavin

Ed Gillett, Harry Harrison and Seana Gavin

A deep dive into the history of UK dance music, exploring its roots in the anarchic free festival scene, and subsequent pivotal role in the social, political and economic shifts on which modern Britain has been built.

Harry Harrison's Dreaming in Yellow takes us back to 1989 with the DiY Collective, one of the first house sound systems in the UK. From Castlemorton to the Cafe del Mar, the DiY sound and DJs became internationally renowned and achieved an underground cult status that endures to this day.

In Party Lines Ed Gillett charts an ongoing conflict, fought in basement clubs and abandoned warehouses, from the Victorian moralism of the Thatcher years to the resurgence of illegal raves during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Seana Gavin's Spiralled is a visual diary of her travels and unravels through Europe between 1993 and 2003 when she spent periods of time travelling nomadicly with sound systems such as Spiral Tribe.

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Event Date Sat 24 Feb 3:00pm
Individual Price £8.00
Venue Shepherd Neame Old Brewery Store
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