Aniefiiok 'Neef' Ekpoudom

Aniefiiok 'Neef' Ekpoudom

Aniefiok Ekpoudom discusses his new book, Where We Come From: Rap, Home & Hope in Modern Britain, a landmark social history of British rap and grime. He is joined by music journalist and Faversham-based teacher Todd Dedman.

One of our foremost cultural chroniclers, Aniefiok travelled the country to speak to the artists and communities who created and were shaped by the music, and listeners who found a sense of identity and home within it. Sounds for the marginalised, carrying Black and working-class stories into the light, his book weaves together intimate stories of resilience, courage and loss, as well as a shared music culture that gave refuge and purpose to those in search of belonging.

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Event Date Sat 24 Feb 4:00pm
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Venue The Arden Theatre
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