Stewarding Team for 2019

Special thanks to our volunteer stewarding team:

Marie James   Green Room
Jane Beedle    Green Room
Jane Baker    Green Room
 Sam Osborne    Green Room
 Moyra Hazlett    Green Room / Steward
Sharon Good   Steward Co-ordinator
Lucy Rutter   Steward Co-ordinator
Kefi Culkin   Steward Co-ordinator
Frances Beaumont   Steward Co-ordinator
Ronnie Smith   Steward Co-ordinator
Maggie Scott   Steward Co-ordinator
Sofia Madden   Steward
Victor Frith   Steward
Andrew Medlock   Steward
Cath Jones   Steward
Christopher Park   Steward
Silvia Colaiacomo   Steward
Siobhan O'Connor   Steward
Cassie Micallef   Steward
Faith Onhiniboir   Steward
Angela Koch   Steward
Katy Evans-Bush   Steward
Matty Grassow   Steward
Charlotte Farmer   Steward
Sue Steel   Steward
Leon Baker   Steward
Mark Holmes   Steward
Christine Lovell   Steward
Maxine Meixner   Steward
Julia Robinson   Steward
Cleo Gravett   Steward
Ima Rix   Steward
Lucy Guthrie   Steward
Gerry Travers   Steward
Sam Osborne   Steward
Joanna Booth   Steward
Brian Stapleton   Steward / Bar
Ray Beedle   Bar
Adrian Madden   Bar
Bill Robinson   Bar


If you are interested in helping the festival as a volunteer please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.