Justin Coe – Are We Being Silly?

A stand-up poetry show packed full of punchy jokes and playful mischief with plenty of opportunities for audience participation. Age Range: 4–11.

Are you being silly? For goodness sake, sit up straight and pay attention! Performance Poet Justin Coe is now 37 YEARS LATE for his homework! He desperately needs your help, before his furious head-teacher finally catches up with him and sends him back to school for DETENTION. There’s much work to be done but no doubt Justin will still find plenty of time to show off his ridiculous rhymes, rib-tickling tales and zany songs. All beautifully suitable for gigglers, wrigglers and scribblers, wander-abouters, shouter-outers, dads, mums and fidget-bums, Justin’s poetry show proves that there’s no experience too sobering or too silly for words.

The Guildhall, Saturday 23 February, 4–5pm. Free event.

All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at events.

More Information: www.justincoe.co.uk