Hugh Warwick

An ecologist and writer with a particular fondness for hedgehogs, Hugh Warwick's A Prickly Affair argues that hedgehogs are the most important creatures on the planet. His more recent Linescapes addresses the lines humans have created in the British landscape and investigates the impact these lines have on the capacity of wildlife to thrive. A good-humoured, hedgehog’s-eye view of the country’s ditches, dykes and railways, it reveals how the man-made lines in our landscape present a paradox. They were originally put there to fragment, assert ownership or to restrain livestock, yet over time their edges and intricacies have provided opportunities for adaptable wildlife to flourish.

Hugh is spokesperson for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. He will be in conversation with Steve Kirk, President of the Kent Mammal Society.

Sunday 24 February, Assembly Rooms, 11am–12noon. £5 Book tickets here