The Skate Boys of Faversham Town

The Skate Boys of Faversham Town is a musical presentation by Geoff Sandiford. It tells the true story of how Faversham provided the entire National Rink Hockey Team and went on to win the European Cup of Nations in 1930 –and this despite the fact that their home skating rink had been burnt down some years earlier. The story is told through the words of Perce Monk, one of the members of that successful team. It is accompanied by music and songs by Geoff Sandiford.

The story has the feel-good factor of all good tales of endeavour over adversity. It may even have the makings of the next great film and join esteemed company of the likes of Billy Elliot and The Full Monty!

Tickets for this event are sold out for Thursday 23 February. Tickets are available for Sunday 25 February. For a full ticket list and to buy tickets click here.

Tickets are also available from The Hat Shop, West Street, Faversham.